New Day...New Me

Follow me down the rabbit hole. I'll be the one chasing butterflies and happy endings, wearing nothing but love.

I come here to share pretty things, say what I can't say out loud, hide when I'm flaring and sometimes just silently scream. It's a window to my tired soul. I've spent the last 9 years living with CFS & Fibromyalgia - it's hard sometimes, but I'm learning new ways to get through every day.

Feel free to ask me anything, & I'll always try to follow back. Happy tumbling, kind hearts x

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  • Everyone keeps wishing me happy new year.

    It has to be a happier new year, doesn’t it?

    I very nearly didn’t make it out of the last one alive.

    I hate that everything pure about us - about our family - was taken away by her.

    I hate that “I love you” will never mean as much.

    I hate that you couldn’t have waited.

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